First I will introduce 2 cases in (the biggest e-commercial company in China), which has following results:

• 10 times increase for Gross Merchandise Volume

• 3 times shorten for cycle time

• 3 times increase for the active users

• 2 times increase for delivering velocity of R&D Second,


I will introduce a pattern to help team lift off Agile concluded from above 2 cases.

It is 1 core and 4 basics.

In the meanwhile, besides introducing pattern,

I will explain a tool or method to help team adopt the pattern.


One core is Value (Driven). The tool is Product Backlog.


The 4 basics are:

1. Transparency

2. Iteration

3. Feedback

4. Coach

The tools or methods for the 4 basics accordingly:

1. Task board

2. Sprint

3. Daily Scrum, Review, Retrospective

4. Agile Coach Here is a team lift off Agile pattern.


Hope it is useful and could inspire more people to be Agile.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Experience share (Case)

Event Management Project

Describe 2 phases for this project,

phase 1 - traditional software development, result is that they cannot deliver project on time, and the customer doesn't like the output.

phase 2 - after that, try agile, involve customer on site, observe the customer behaviour, and communicate with customer frequently. result is that a successful project, big boss appreciates the outcome.

JD + Tour project

Help team with user story mapping to make a 2-month release plan with 3 sprints (2 weeks).

Visualize all interfaces for this project

Scrum of Scrums meeting to share the information in different teams


For above 2 cases, there are a simple patterns I conclude:

liftoff agile in a team, there are 1 core and 4 basics 

Each feature must be align with core value, aka managed in product backlog

product backlog is a starter for team agile

Next is to visualize everything they need, task board, post-it, etc.

And then to use sprint (iteration) to deliver product increment

Also pay attention to get feedback for product increment and ways of working (Review and Retrospective)

Last, but not least, for team agile, they need an agile coach, no matter internal or external.


Learning Outcome

Here are some Learning Objectives from this presentation:

1. Experience sharing from the biggest B2C e-commercial company in China (

2. Pattern for liftoff Agile in a team

3. Practical tool/method for starting Agile

4. Emphasis Value is core in Agile

Target Audience

Team, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, etc.

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