Marry Agile to DevOps and Experience the Magic

DevOps is not a person or a task or a defined role. It is a transition of mindset and culture which ensures more collaboration to build better quality software quickly and reliably. Agile and DevOps can no longer exit is Silos. They need to have a strong partnership for overall success as we move towards cloud.

Agile journey was an incredible experience. - We had to unlearn lot of stuff - The culture went through complete transition - Many leadership members left who could not cope. Its more of 3 key points 1.Collaboration of People 2. Convergence of Process 3. Creation & Exploitation of Tools


DevOps is more of buzz word now a days. This has existed for years but has now become more relevant in Cloud phase. We are going back in days of 1980s of Mr Krishnamurthy who led SAIL to success. No cloud or DevOps but culture and mindset required is same. We are just learning and reskilling ourselves to imbibe challenges around.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Introduction to self and Project

- Need of DevOps

- How to integrate Agile and DevOps

- Why to integrate

- And Magic follows

Learning Outcome

DevOps experience as experienced self in 2 years. Sharing the ups and downs and best practices

Target Audience

Managers and Leaders

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