The journey towards a learning organization

At Exilesoft we are moving towards building a learning organization. This journey to becomes a learning organization is hard as well as fulfilling. This journey itself has many learning which can be used by many other organizations. In this experience report, I would like to present the journey of Exilesoft to become a learning organization

Exilesoft is a mid-size software development company having its main software development center in Sri Lanka.  Learning organization is a term popularize by Peter Senge in his work the MIT. 

The five disciplines of the learning organization provides a path to find the true agility in an organization. This makes us, the agile practitioner much more aligned with the concepts of learning organization. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introducing learning organization (5 mins)

  • What is a learning organization
  • Five disciplines of a learning organization
  • Benefits of a learning organization 

The journey towards the learning organization (10 mins)

  • Why this journey started?
  • Approach & learning from the transformation 
  • Challenges & way forward

Discussion (5 mins)

  • Discussion
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

The main learning outcomes are

  • Understanding of the concept of a "Learning Organization" & five disciplines of it
  • Why an organization should be transformed to a learning organization
  • Approaches to transform an organization to a learning organization
  • How can this learning be applied to your organization?

Target Audience

Managers, team leads & any one who is leading in any sense

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