Scaling agile is the talk of the town for sometime now. We are improving the ways & means to scale agile principles & practices day by day. But still scaling agile is no easy task.

The complexity of the question gets further increased when agile teams are geographically distributed. In this case study I would like to draw my experiences of scaling agile practices in 5 different teams in 4 different geographical locations.

The journey started one year back with a need for a coordinated delivery with a tight deadline. Drawing from the initial success, the scaling scaled to whole product development teams

This case study would demonstrate how the agile principles and practices can be scaled in a distributed setting.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction to the case-study (5 mins)

  • Background & the context of the setting

How did the journey of scaling unleashed (10 mins)

  • The way it started
  • What changes happened in the middle
  • Where it stands today

Conclusion (5 mins)

  • Current challenges
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

The main learning outcomes are

  • Understanding the challenges when scaling agile practices in a geographically distributed environment 
  • The techniques used to overcome those in this case study
  • Can those be applied in any organization having the same challenges

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to scale agile practices or is experiencing scaling agile principles

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