2 Enterprise Customers Signed | 0 Lines of Code

Get a requirement from a customer with a seemingly good idea for a consumer product. What do you do next?

Do a market analysis, understand the product priorities, estimate the time and cost for releasing the product, negotiate pricing and if all goes start development on the product.

Sounds familiar?

We executed product building engagements in a similar way about 6 months back.

Not any more.

For this product launch, we used a combination of the Lean Startup methodologies like the Lean Canvas and the Design Sprint to validate/in-validate key assumptions all in a span of 5 days - validations that typically take multiple meetings and weeks to complete.

We used our learnings, the prototype and presentation to sign up the first 2 pilot customers.

All without writing a single line of code.

In this presentation, Kuldip and Manish will walk through the experience of using Lean Startup methods and the Design Sprint to validate/in-validate key business assumptions and signing up pilot customers with zero lines of code.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The product X story
  • What did we do differently?
  • What is the design sprint?
  • Points to note
  • Things we learnt after every sprint

Learning Outcome


  • Quickly identify top most risks to an early stage startup
  • Cruch the process of making key business decisions in 5 days
  • Find a way to validate/in-validate assumptions in days and not weeks
  • How to sign up customers with 0 lines of code

Target Audience

Product managers, business strategy consultants, entrepreneur

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