Pair Programming. "What is it exactly?" and "How does it work?" you might ask.
Isn't it expensive for the company since a Pair is working on one single task?
Can anyone and everyone do Pair Programming? Is it suitable for my team?
Are we doing Pair Programming right? What if we really can't do Pair Programming?

In this talk, I'll answer these questions given my experience with Pair Programming,
having done and coached Pair Programming intensively in the last couple for years.


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Outline/structure of the Session

Specifically, I'll talk about:

- The benefits of Pair Programming
- and why it's really not expensive
- The setup and behavior for delightful Pair Programming
- The folks best suited for Pair Programming
- The effective Pairing combinations (and what you should do in each)
- Transitioning to Pair Programming

In the later part of the talk, I'll speak about my experience
working with teams that are not suitable for doing Pair Programming,
and how we used Code Review to supplement that.

We'll see how Code Review can be a good substitute for Pair Programming too,
if you do it well and right.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the talk, the audience will know more about Pair Programming
and they will leave with actionable tips on:
- how they can start doing Pair Programming
- make their Pair Programming more effective,
- use a robust Code Review practice to substitute for Pair Programming
- be happier engineers

Target Audience

Managers and Engineers

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