Art of creating an impactful product vision using emotions and magic of visual effects


"Customers don’t buy products, they hire products to do a job” – Clayton Christensen


        Are your customers ready to buy your product even before you release it?

        Are your customers inspired by your product?

        Is your product vision aligned with your customers’ needs?

        Does your product vision motivate your team?


Join us to experience a new way of creating a empathy driven product vision, a powerful tool to start your journey of creating right products or services. Experience the power of Emotions inspired by Human-Centered Design concepts, iterative feedback loops and Visual creativity.


With this approach, customers and team are involved and convinced with your product or service right from the start.


A few benefits of empathy driven product vision are:


1) Seeing Is believing: visualization has better impact on mind

2) Easy to understand and getting feedback from the customers

3) Helpful for marketing and sales to think of their product strategy

4) Empower team to be focused for the product goal in their whole development cycle

5) Helpful for start-ups to pitch a new product idea or invention to a potential investor

6) Team understands better, the vision of the new product initiatives by the company "

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction of Empathy Driven Product Vision - 5 mins

Draw vision map on the board using one example - 10 mins

Conclude the session with benefits - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

1) Experience the power of working closely with customers and get real feedbacks iteratively to shape your product in the right direction

2) Learn what product vision is and how to make it more impactful

3) Learn simple visual techniques and creativity

4) How applying a few Human-Centered Design elements add value in product vision

5) Understand the technique by an example product vision

6) Become a visionary

Target Audience

Product owners, Product Managers, Business Executives, Agile Coaches

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