What is Integral Agile view..?

I'll start with a brief introduction of Integral Agile Transformation Framework (developed by Michael Spayd and his colleagues at the Agile Coaching Institute, plus our students from around the world), which is build on top of Integral Operating System (developed over the past 25 years by Ken Wilber and thousands of Integral practitioners around the world), and is designed specifically for use in the Agile Coaching and Enterprise Transformation. 

We will explore quadrants and perspectives: interior and exterior perspectives + individual and collective point of view gives us nice 2x2 map with I, It, We, and Its. I will also briefly describe what are these quadrants in an agile universe. 

And from there I'll start sharing my view and perspectives on a practical daily applicability of these ideas. How this framework might help you, Scrum Master, during the retrospective, for example. How it could help you, Product Owner, sorting Product Backlog. How it could help you, business unit manager, introduce change in your unit.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Intro of Integral Operating System
  • Intro of Integral Agile Transformation Framework (IATF)
  • Practical cases on how IATF can be applied at:
    • daily meeting;
    • Sprint planning session;
    • Sprint review;
    • Retrospective;
    • For product backlog refinement and sorting;
    • Implementing some change in your organization
    • ...
  • Conclusions and take-aways
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

Coming out of the sessions, participants should

  • become aware and familiarize with Integral Agile Transformation Framework;
  • see some examples of practical use of the framework.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, managers, project managers, product managers, change agents, coaches,

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