People in organizations that are learning Kanban quickly understand the relationship of WIP, Cycle Time and Throughput. However, when teams start doing things like Pair Programming, they tend to hold fast to the idea that “you’d get more done if you worked separately!”

High performing software teams use a variety of modern technical practices including Test Driven Development, Pair/Mob Programming, Refactoring, Evolutionary Design, and Continuous Integration & Delivery.

How do these practices fit into the Kanban context? Whether through improving collaboratively, evolving experimentally, or implementing feedback loops, learn how these technical practices are supported by Kanban's four Foundational Principles and six Core Practices, which in turn make Kanban more powerful.

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Outline/structure of the Session

I explicitly did not list this in the "Development" track, because it's not geared for developers. It's geared for Managers & Executives who want to know more about how & why these technical practices fit within their organization. I'd be happy to move it to a different track if you felt there would be a better match.

I will first review the Kanban Foundational Principles and Core Practices.

I with then go through a set of XP and other commonly used Agile technical practices. After each one, I will solicit discussion from the participants as to which Kanban FP or CP they relate to.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of Kanban Foundational Principles
  • Understanding of Kanban Core Practices
  • Understanding of Agile technical practices & relationship to Kanban

Target Audience


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