Story Mapping - Mom, where does baby User Stories come from? Part 1

How do Product Owners create Epics and User Stories?

Simple question, right? If you Google that, you will get dozen of sites telling you what it should include, the format it should take and the principles it should follow. Fair enough...

So how come your backlog still feels like a vertical pile of Items you hope contains everything to satisfy your customer?

This talk is intended for Product Managers and Product Owners that wakes up at night in sweat because they have so many current and future user stories to think about with dependencies, MVP Journeys and bugs to order in a vertical one dimension Backlog.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. What is Story Mapping
  2. Before Starting the Map
  3. Before Talking to the Dev Team
    1. Role of Product Managers and Product Owners
    2. Definition of Ready
    3. Milestones
  4. From Story Map to Backlog
  5. Constant Adaptive Map
    1. Drives discussions
  6. Conclusion
    1. 1 Vertical Backlog is not enough
    2. Is Story Map the new Backlog?

Learning Outcome

Learn how to create and keep an updated version of a two dimensional backlog at the start of the User Story Agile food chain. 

Target Audience

Product Owners and Product Managers

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    Owais Zahid - The road to Inner Source

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    Owais Zahid
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    The key to success lies in numbers. Group of people working together to achieve a goal, determines the outcome. It creates a synergy which is not possible with individualistic mentality or people working in silos. 

    Inner Source is one such recipe of collaboration and success. Inner source allows the development of open culture within the context of organization. 

    In this session, we will look at how organizations can take part in this movement and what are the crucial aspects which will eventually determine the effectivity of inner sourcing.