Fish Bowl Session - Do you need a scaled agile framework to scale agile

An agile way of working has more than proven its worth in businesses across the world.  Now with the proof being seen in the pudding lots of big organisations are looking to apply agile at scale.  As a consequence, new frameworks and methodologies have more recently been launched into the industry marketed at helping businesses to scale their agile delivery.  The agile manifesto talks about the need for individuals and interactions over process and tools.  This Fishbowl discussion will discuss if the frameworks themselves are taking over being able to allow a business to become agile iteratively.

The Fishbowl session is designed to have a wide conversation around the scaling of agile.  It will allow the conference members to participate in the discussion.  We want to be able to drive out the conversation around scaled agile frameworks.  Is it a marketing ploy or is it of real use to a business?  Shouldn't we encourage businesses to start small (MVP) and build up to a scaled agile business.  


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Outline/structure of the Session

The Structure of the session will be as follows


Slide presentation for 10 mins

- Introduction to the facilitator of the session, including experince of the speaker in scaled agile delivery

- Explanation into scaled agile

- Examples of scaled agile frameworks and how they differ

- Introduction to how a Fishbowl session works and how members participate


Fishbowl Discussion 30 mins

- Hold and facilitate the fishbowl discussion

- If the topic starts to move off subject bring the group back, if the group gets a bit stuck with how to progress the conversation feed in options to help keep the conversation flowing


Wrap Up

- Cover over the main topics discussed by the group

- Summarise some of the experience talked about


Learning Outcome

I expect that there will be for and against for this topic across the industry and it would be good to share those experiences and thoughts with everyone considering the Buzz word around some of these frameworks.


We want the people in the discussion to take away a few things

1) what are some of these scaled agile frameworks

2) where have they worked successful and where haven't they

3) what have others done in scaling agile without having a scaled agile framework.

Target Audience

This session is open to all roles working within agile delivery

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