Everyday we can witness new possibilities in finding out the customers' behaviors, datas to predict their will, scientists of the market to precise the meaning.

The devices, extended tools and IoT evolve in a way to really put in the game a new dimension of subjectivity.

Who can manage to well understand this new approach of subjectivity is on the good way in the era of the value of Experience. The rise of a new form of science of the Experience. 

Sometimes described as a "knowledge based on Experience", Empiricism in this context is now getting a new form, still based on his roots of aesthetics and creativity to his fruits of understanding. Let's take some time talking about this old approach, becoming a central question.

Let's see how the Empiricism strikes back!

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Outline/structure of the Session

This Session, done this year in Johannesburg at the UXSA has the Purpose:


  • Empiricism, what is it?
  • What is learning our world by experience?
  • Where are we going today with the empirical thinking in:
    • a world of Experience as a value
    • New capitalist world
    • the way we use feedbacks to improve our applications/website, products or services
  • The threat of the negation of Design: the all-same interfaces
  • Exemple based on the music apps Spotify, Tidal, Deezer...
  • The solutions we have:
    • in the new mindset of working
    • in the new values oc creativity and subjectivity
    • with the new techs (VR, AI-based UI...)
  • The Empiricism strikes-back!


Learning Outcome

In this Talk, you will learn too kind of things:


  • Back to basic of learning by experiencing and the value of that
  • The roots of modern UX in an old world
  • the maturity of today's people in the empirical way of thinking
  • New way of organizing work


  • The new ways of organizations in different companies (IBM, GE, Philips...)
  • The new value of teams inside and outside the company
  • The problem of Design in a time of same interfaces
  • How is it possible to run a business in an empirical way

Target Audience

UX Designers, UX Researcher, Designers, Managers, Marketing, Tech Lead, All type of clients that want to understand Design and Star Wars fans!

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