What matters to a successful delivery from tech team perspective.

  • Is Agile methodology a key to successful delivery?
  • Do best practices make such as pair programming, TDD, Refactoring, Good Design patterns / Principles, Testing, Continuous delivery lead to success of the project?
  • Does it matter to have team very good developers and testers for successful projects?
  • How important is collaboration and communication for success?
  • What role choice of technologies play in successful projects? Or does technology not matter?
  • What defines quality? Is it good tested project? Is it clean well maintained code or something else?
  • What is role of team leads, devops, BAs, developers? Why these distinct roles are needed? What makes them one team?
  • Do we need efficient workers or do we need honest workers or talented workers?
  • What defines work which eventually matters to the success?
  • In this talk we are exploring all the above questions and we will be exploring answers to these questions. And we will pick answers which align all of the above questions.

Aim of this talk is to present areas which defines things that matter for successful delivery from the point of view of a tech team. This talk will also make use of experiences and case studies from my projects.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This talk is an experience report of various projects I was involved. Just because people and process were right, project doesn't become successful.

This talk will have, detailed 5-6 slides for each bullet points. It will do comparison with real world incidents in software / non software world.


Learning Outcome

Everyone attending this talk will get a new perspective. I think this perspective is very important for success and somehow even Agile teams misses it.

People attending will get familiar with various agile concepts. Overall, talk will be valuable to beginners too.



Target Audience

developers, tech leads, managers, ba, qa, devops

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