In this talk, I will be presenting about various tools that were used during development phase of the projects.

Such tools include.

  • Developer machines
  • Emails 
  • Messengers
  • Word documents / Excel sheets
  • File/Image transfer tools
  • Wiki
  • Online docs such as Google docs
  • Remote paring tools such as Skype / Google Hangouts / Screenhero
  • API documentation software
  • API testing clients
  • Mind map software
  • VCS tools such as SVN and GIT
  • VCS hosting services such as BitBucket and GitHub
  • Async chat such as Hipchat/Slack
  • Chat bots
  • Automation scripts for common repeated tasks
  • Text editors and IDEs
  • CI servers
  • And few more

We will see why tools are responsible for good collaboration. We will explore scenario what happens when team chooses dumb tools than smart ones. Why team members are reluctant to move to better options. Do right tools matter? Or is it better to continue with tools that team are comfortable with.

This talk is mostly an experience summary of what worked and what did not. I believe for good collaboration ant communication right tools matter. This talk is going to present role of the tools in successful projects.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Detailed experience report with examples where tools were not smart.

Examples when tools were smart.

Case studies of developers not ready to accept newer tools. 

More images, more examples. More comparisons of these tools.

Conclusion of these tools in regards with good communication.



Learning Outcome

They will be able to understand important of right tools. They will get sense of why use to right tools matter.

They will learn how to decide appropriate tools for types of teams.

Most involved in software development don't take this subject as seriously as needed. They will understand importance.

Target Audience

developers, tech leads, managers, ba, qa, devops

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