As in Creative agency, we've already been applying agile ways of working and sprint. However, keys to a successful sprint still remains a mystery. Questions are constantly being asked. How Long should a sprint be? Who should be on the sprint team? What tools to use? How to collaborate? When and how that we should involve our client in the sprint? Any user research that should be conducted during this compressed timescale? In this talk, I will share a few lessons learnt and a few principles to follow that can lead to a successful UX sprint.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction: What is UX Agile. Sprint vs scrum.

Week 0: what to prepare before we start the sprint ( specific research and business context gathering examples)

Week 1&2: building the foundation via sprint and test (how to engage the client from the beginning)

Week 3 onwards: scrum, test and refine.

Closing: principles to follow. 



Learning Outcome

a tangileble list of tools to use and a set of principle to follow while conducting a UX agile project.

Target Audience

Anyone who's interested in practising UX Agile.

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