Traffic Jams “The role of an Agile Coach”

We understand how traffic jams impact our day to day life ranging from frustration, waste of time/resources, to not being able to reach our destination for critical work, to catastrophic impact of losing someone's life on Road. Similarly how bottlenecks/jams in Agile software development/Organization impacts the throughput of teams, to impacting the product development lifecycle/timelines/resources, to catastrophic impact hindering organisation transformation/growth/sustainability.

Assessing, analysing and identifying the root cause/impact of the bottlenecks, System thinking enables the Agile coach to look/approach problems differently and provide suggestions, guidance, optimal solutions and create learning environment enabling individuals and organizations to evolve from the bottlenecks and helping in growth and transformation.

In this presentation, Sumeet would like to highlight the key root causes of the traffic jams/bottlenecks and role of an Agile Coach applying agile-lean mindset/principles/techniques to evolve solutions, optimizing the whole.

" You Are Not Stuck In Traffic

You Are The Traffic "

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Outline/structure of the Session

Brief overview on Traffic Jams with personal experiences generating the idea

The causes of Traffic Jams in correlation with bottlenecks and Impact

The Role of an Agile Coach

Applying agile-lean mindset/principles/techniques to evolve solutions, optimizing the whole


Learning Outcome

The key challenges causing traffic jams/bottlenecks

The Role of an Agile Coach

How applying agile-lean mindset/principles/techniques enables evolution of optimal solutions

Target Audience

Anyone surfacing Traffic jams/bottlenecks

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