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    The concept of Futurospective is not new to us. We do risk analysis in waterfall as well. In agile we do retrospective to inspect what went wrong and what went good to continue. We do retro after the sprint is over. Can't we do a FUTUROSPECTIVE during the sprint to figure out what all can went wrong, so as we can lay down a list of activities which we feel can go wrong and we can take preventive measure in advance so as to avoid them. Prevention is always better than cure.

    My talk will have :

    >> Retrospectives and its effectiveness

    >> Futurospectives and its need

    >> A Small game

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    Gary Pedretti - Territories, Not Hierarchies - Using Pressfield's The War of Art to Enable Small Self-Organizing Teams, Intrinsic Motivation, and Organizational Change

    Gary Pedretti
    Gary Pedretti
    Sodoto Solutions
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    45 Mins
    Steven Pressfield's The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle is well-known to artists, especially with authors struggling with writer's block.  It's a bedrock inspirational tome, focused on the artist finding his or her true self, breaking through resistance, and contributing his or her unique gifts to the larger whole of society.
    If what we do when we create software isn't engineering, isn't factory work, and isn't science - aren't we saying it's creative work?  Art?  Craft?  We shouldn't be surprised that Pressfield's classic for artists chasing the muse has a lot to teach us in the technical realm.
    In this presentation, we'll focus on an important aspect of the book - the artist's orientation - of which Pressfield provides two possibilities, hierarchical or territorial.  We'll examine how this relates to "two pizza teams," product vision, software craftsmanship, intrinsic motivation, and effectively and appropriately breaking down organizational hierarchies.
    Be prepared for a unique, artistic view of our industry!
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