One size does not fit all - Agnostic Agile Oath

Since the introduction of Agile lot of companies have tried to impose the same framework at a big scale without suiting the framework to customer context and to a wider strategic vision.

Agile has never been about frameworks or locking your customers into one way of doing things. I will show examples of bad Agile practices and why the Agnostic Agile Oath is needed - One size does not fit all!

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Outline/structure of the Session

You can find the Agnostic Agile Manifesto here

I will introduce the Agnostic Agile Oath, the creators of it and the reasons it was created.

I will then review the twelve agreements of the oath citing real life examples for them.

Learning Outcome

Agile is not the final goal, it is only the mean to reach the real goal.

This is Agile: “Delivering value in a fit for purpose basis”, delivering fast for the sake of delivering fast is not.

Always take customer context into consideration and adapt to give your customer the best means to deliver value in a fit for purpose basis, don't try to impose the framework you know without understanding customer's context.

Target Audience



Some experience with Agile would be desirable, but it is not a prerequisite.

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