Bottom Up Agile - a coders perspective.

Agile - beyond the buzzword

Agile is a term that has lost its meaning. It has become a buzzword because Agile, in most peoples minds has been reduced to following rules. Agile was born because coders thought they had some ideas about how companies should build software - and some executives listened to them.

It worked. It worked really well. Who knew that executives should listen to coders about how companies should build software? Software was delivered far faster and with far fewer defects

Today because of these early successes everyone is doing “Agile”. But only a select few Agile teams can deliver high quality software with very few defects.

Why are some teams seeing far better results than others? Aren’t they following the same framework?

Turns out not really.

I want to introduce you to what makes successful agile teams successful. What we, as members of the agile community value as developers. I want to talk about how you can empower the developer to start his/her journey to developing his agile skills.

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Outline/structure of the Session

See slides and presentation This presentation will be more oriented at buisness stake holders but content will be similar.

Learning Outcome

Agile is very contextual - lets forget about "certifications" and "rules" that have made most modern agile as rigid as V-model. Agile was born from those of us independent in thought enough to challenge the status quo - we must continue to challenge it. I will challenge "scrum" as I've seen it implemented. I hope to help you gain perspective on how some of the most productive teams I ever seen achieve continuous delivery without ever once mentioning the word scrum.

Target Audience

Engineering managers

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