• Camille Bell
    Camille Bell
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    You probably started your Agile journey with Scrum, which helped. But regression testing still takes forever. New feature tests aren't what they could be and are hard to complete within the Sprint.

    If you have active product owners, the POs helped to improve your product, but there is still a disconnect, between the user story and the tests.  And how do you test "as a, I want, so that"?

    Now you hear you need Agile technical practices to keep improving and you find you need to automate. What are you going to do with your testers?  They really, really know your business, but they don't code.

    If you are a manager, a tester or a product owner, come hear Camille as she shares her experience successfully teaching manual testers Automated Test Driven Development and showing product owners how to write great Acceptance Criteria that are easy to automate.

    In this session you will learn:

    • How to get your product owners, testers and developers to understand each other
    • How to make your business scenarios unambiguous and testable
    • How to avoid brittle tests that need frequent rewriting
    • Which tools and languages are better for testers to learn and why
    • Strategies and techniques for testers to learn test automation
    • Where to find inexpensive and free resources to get started
  • Ben Morris
    Ben Morris
    Chris Cassatt
    Chris Cassatt
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 mins

    DevOps as a buzzword is gaining traction, but what does it really mean? Managers, non-techies, and developers-new-to-devops will get a guided demo of development automation. See all the cool tools in action - continuous integration, automated testing, cloud deployment, etc. More importantly, we'll walk through what they do, and why that adds value to a project. 

    This talk will...

    • Break down the buzzwords and define some key technical practices in plain english.
    • Uncover the pain that leads teams to seek greater automation.
    • Demonstrate a continuous integration pipeline working in practice via live demo.
    • Diminish the knowledge gap between technical practitioners and managers/analysts/coaches.
    • Level-up the vocabulary of non-technical attendees.
    • Introduce practices to developers who don't yet work in an automated environment.
    • Spark "ah-ha" moments to convert skeptics into DevOps believers!

    By the way, all of the tools in the demo are some combination of free and/or open source. DevOps doesn't have to cost a lot.

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