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    The Tadpole Technique - Breaking things down in a new, interactive way

    Chris Li
    Chris Li
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    45 mins

    The Tadpole Technique is an approach that teams can use to break a larger idea into smaller pieces in an interactive and visual way.  This facilitated session is a way to get team members to participate in some chatter as well as as generate a few takeaways from the session.  This technique is useful in meetings where a group of approximately ten individuals and a facilitator go through a series of discussions following a brief writing activity.  The result is a visual representation of the teams thoughts and discussion, and can be used to further expand later talks or to create some takeaways.

    This talk will explain the mechanics of this technique, what teams will need, and explain how to facilitate the session.  Participants will then engage in an exercise where they get to experience the technique as a group, enhancing their ability to facilitate future sessions of their own. 

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