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    Agile Business Development? Yes, For Real...

    Manjit Singh
    Manjit Singh
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    45 mins

    The presentation is a case study of how Agile (Scrum/Kanban) can be applied to business development (BD).

    Business Development is about managing increasing amounts of investment or determining where to invest. Agile business development is about learning, failing and succeeding quickly in this process. This talk presents a case study from the presenter's personal experience in coaching, training and mentoring 6 BD teams how to apply Agile to their work. 

    The case study will cover how the following challenges of applying Agile to BD activities were addressed:

    • How do you define a Release?
    • How to do release planning?
    • How to define Sprint goals?
    • Do we write User Stories? 
    • Do we size the stories?
    • Do we calculate velocity?
    • How do you do Sprint planning?
    • Do we need a Scrum Master? Who should play this role?
    • What is the right duration of a Sprint?
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