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    Build Measure Learn - Designing your MVP

    Beth Miller
    Beth Miller
    Jennifer Hinton
    Jennifer Hinton
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    45 mins

    We all know that a Minimum Viable Product is a lean startup technique designed to test and validate if a solution actually solves a customer problem. It is an endeavor to go forth and learn  to then, iterate or pivot as you better understand the problem and solution.  To be successful, it is not only  about learning what the people want but also being able understand the most painful aspects of that problem to then define what is the minimum amount of work you can do to generate early value to them.  But how do we figure that out?  In this 45-minute workshop, you will learn what is an MVP;  why it matters; what makes a good MVP experiment; and how to get started on designing your own. By the end of this 45-minute workshop, you will have:

    1. Created a problem statement, or hypothesis for an MVP
    2. Turned your hypothesis into a list of possible experiments
    3. Collaborated with agilists who will help you formulate your MVP concept and experimentation ideas







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