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    Un-beach the whale and turbocharge productivity in your post-Agile organization

    Thad Scheer
    Thad Scheer
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    45 mins

    When you transitioned to Agile you solicited the best advice, updated your development tools, hired coaches, installed furniture, and embraced painful cultural changes. Now, a few years later, you wonder whether Agile is working. Are you realizing the productivity you are paying for, or did Agile flop? With so many people developing software every day you expect more to get done. Your advisors tell you not to worry about productivity, this is how it’s supposed to be. Questioning themselves, many executives are awakening to these gut feelings of disillusionment in their post-transition organizations. How much productivity should they expect from Agile teams? How do you know if Agile is working? Can Agile organizations be slow and unwieldy despite their Agileness? This session offers a strategic business management perspective about the honest reality of Agile in a post-transition organization. Attendees will learn to recognize the signals of poor Agile productivity and how to fix development so it stays fixed.

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