• Diane Zajac-Woodie
    Diane Zajac-Woodie
    schedule 1 year ago
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    120 mins

    As a business analyst on an agile team, do you spend your time gathering decisions from product owners and passing them on to development teams? Are you tired of simply being a “proxy without power?” As a product manager, do you feel like you are just collecting stakeholder opinions and filtering them for the team? What can you do to boost your impact to your team?

    Be more than a proxy.

    By definition, a proxy means doing a thing “by the authority to represent someone else.” That job can be important, especially when stakeholders and customers have limited available. But teams need more.

    In this workshop, Diane Zajac-Woodie demonstrates how you can be more than a proxy. Through some experiential exercises, you will learn what impact collaboration has on results and why requirements are just as important as ever. Diane also teaches you how to document requirements so people will actually read them. Using acceptance tests, you will practice writing requirements that describe the exact behaviors that you expect in a format that everyone understands.

    Be inspired to embrace your role in an agile environment and leave with new techniques that ensure that you will be more than a proxy when you head back to work.

  • Laura M. Powers
    Laura M. Powers
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 mins

    Most scrum teams create effort estimates, often using story points. As a product owner, you also want to have an estimate of the business value of each user story. Business value estimates help you create a more rational backlog and maximize the value the team delivers.

    This workshop explores the art and science of estimating the business value of user stories. Participants will gain an understanding of the essence of business value,
and why it is more complex than just revenue or profit. Then we will then learn a surprisingly simple technique to estimate and quantify business value.


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