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    "My end date is fixed."
    "My customer gave me 1000 traditional requirements."
    “I have a lot of algorithms.”
    “The user interface is limited – most of the work is on the back end.”
    “My customer has a mission to execute, they cannot be here every day.”

    Like in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, being close in Agile has great value.  We need not abandon our brethren in the trenches just because some of the most recognizable practices are out of play.  The great principles of Agile help in even the most difficult environments.  Shipping great software while under some traditional constraints is a true test of the movement – and we have a track record of doing just that.  We have employed Stealth Agile, Green Box Agile, Cafeteria Agile, Agile Pathfinding, and even Agile Treason in order to deliver in less than ideal circumstances.

    A series of actual scenarios will reveal the adaptations to Agile practices that kept us close to principles.  A small set of practices are present in so many of our projects that we consider them to be part of our Agile core.  Sometimes we rename them, sometimes we feather them, sometimes we disguise them, but they are always present and are pivotal to success.  Chief among these are the various practices that enable and encourage rapid feedback at multiple levels including Customer, Product, System, and Development.

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