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    Avoiding the 2-week waterfall: Common Scrum pitfalls and how to tackle them

    Matt Phillips
    Matt Phillips
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    Often when organizations go through an Agile transformation, there are some concepts that are challenging to address or adopt. We have a tendency to avoid the ‘crucial conversation’ so as not to hinder progress. Eventually these fundamentals can get overlooked or "put on the back burner". At this point transformations stall, and we find that our process is operating more like a 2 week waterfall than an Product-Increment-Producing-Machine-of-Wonder. I believe this behavior is one of the drivers for the ‘scrum-but’ concept.

    This session will delve into anti-patterns, bad smells, and other pitfalls which are keeping organizations from reaching the next level of Agile adoption. We’ll examine common warning signs and identify strong signals that indicate that a sprint time box is not being optimized. Once we’ve identified the challenges, we’ll explore best-practices, tweaks, and courageous actions to get teams collaborating in a first-class manner. 

    In short:  Step 1: Understand what is hindering our Scrum practice. Step 2: Surface actionable remedies that we can apply tomorrow.

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