• Robert Brown
    Robert Brown
    Raj Indugula
    Raj Indugula
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    45 mins

    If you are looking for a recipe (pun intended) for success, then this session will disappoint you.  For, a tool by itself will not change anything, but how a tool is used can help foster changes in behavior, which is key to organizational transformation.  

     So, what is DevOps? Is it just hype? How does it help organizations deliver value to their customers? If these questions are on your mind then this session is for you. While simply a constriction of two terms, "devops" is in essence a stub for broader organizational collaboration and feedback beyond just that of development and operations working together.  It emerged as a grass-roots movement at the confluence of two rising trends - agile development and large-scale cloud infrastructure.  And, like any horizontal revolution, devops is a path of discovery - people and processes do not change overnight.  Agility in coding and agility in systems takes time and effort, but the results can be astonishing.  The feedback and feed-forward loops that devops advocates makes the whole difference in quality and results, while the sharing and close collaboration pierces the veil among organizational silos, blurring their delineating lines. 

     In this session targeted towards beginners, we will explore these ideas and principles, framing our conversation within the context of the nascent and evolving CALMS framework and look at what it means to extend  "traditional agile" principles beyond the boundaries of the code to the entire delivered service.  After-all, isn't the principal Agile credo about satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software?

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