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    Influencing Organization Change – a Framework for Thinking about and Designing Change Initiatives

    Cindy Bloomer
    Cindy Bloomer
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    45 mins

    Studies over the last two decades have shown change initiatives have a high rate of failure to meet expected outcomes, yet traditional change management approaches continue to apply a sequential, step-by-step process in constantly changing environments.   An underlying assumption for these approaches seems to be that the desired end-state is assured, as long as the steps are followed.

    Successful change initiatives in today’s environment will view the “wicked problem” of complex change through an empirical framework based on proven concepts from Organization Development (OD), augmented with tools and techniques from additional disciplines such as Lean, Agile, and Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) to influence changes in thinking and behaving.

    This interactive session includes:

    • Overview of the OD approach to organization change
    • Introduction of a Change Spectrum for visualizing organization change
    • Introduction of an Empirical Framework for designing and implementing change initiatives
    • Introduction and Overview of a few specific diagnostic models from OD, Human Systems Dynamics, and Integral Agile
    • Overview and discussion of a few specific tools and techniques that help shift thinking and behavior


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