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    Promiscuous Panel: Federal and Commercial Agilists Come Together with Different Perspectives Sharing a Common Goal - Panel

    John Hughes
    John Hughes
    Bob Payne
    Bob Payne
    Joshua Seckel
    Joshua Seckel
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    What do the commercial world and Federal government share in common? Agile success! Yes, it is true that agile grew from the commercial world and has been a shining story of success there, but the Federal government has been adopting agile’s brilliant ways more recently and has success stories of its own to share.

    In getting to the point of successful agile delivery, especially at the organizational level, the Federal government has had to clear many hurdles and transform the way it works. This hasn’t been an easy task and is still in its infancy. The commercial world has cleared its share as well and has many war stories along with their success stories.

    This session will be delivered as a moderated panel discussion. Two panelists from progressive Federal programs join two shining examples of agility from the commercial space – and entertaining fellows to boot.  Panelists will discuss topics that provide insight into their organizations and the work they did to implement agile successfully on their teams, across their programs, and throughout their organizations.

    • Alastair Thomson is the Chief Information Officer for NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
    • Joshua Seckel is the Applied Technology Division Chief at the USCIS Office of Information Technology
    • Nate McMahon is a Vice President of People and Technology at The Motley Fool
    • Bob Payne is the Vice President of Enterprise Agile Consulting at LitheSpeed

    Ever wonder if a major Federal program has been able to achieve Continuous Delivery or implement a Zero Defects strategy? How have the commercial companies been able to increase their output so well while decreasing risk at the same time? What can Federal organizations learn from the commercial world about agile contracting and procurements? How did commercial companies have to change to enable self-forming teams and could our Federal government, with its myriad contractors and its layers of separation, benefit from the same? What can the commercial world learn from Federal agile success? Do successful agile approaches differ between products and services? What do the Feds see as their next agile conquest on the horizon? What is hot for commercial companies to tackle now?

    You will leave this session understanding some of what the commercial world has done to achieve great success with agile. You will also hear about agile success in the Federal government, bureaucracy busting moves, and what the government had to do in order to achieve those feats. Both sides will share their stories, describing the impediments they faced, the benefits they have seen, and even the areas they have not been able to conquer just yet, attempting to drive agile throughout their organizations and into every aspect of their delivery. Panelists will also discuss topics and answer questions the session participants have for them to ensure everyone has an opportunity to take back valuable and pertinent knowledge afforded by these experienced agilists.

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