The official Scrum framework addresses how one Product owner works with one ScrumMaster and one development team to incrementally create products. 

But what if you have multiple Scrum teams all working on the same product? LeSS (LargE Scale Scrum) is a proven framework to simply and elegantly address the coordination issues that arise in this scaled environment.  Instead of adding the traditional additional heavy-weight program coordination overhead, LeSS simply applies Scrum at the next level. LeSS is more.

Like single team Scrum, LeSS is simple, but it is not easy. This 45 minute session will survey the LeSS framework and introduce the underlying principles and philosophy.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Single team Scrum

Scaling philosophy

LeSS framework

Thinking Tools

  • Lean
  • Queuing theory

LeSS Huge

Learning Outcome

  Attendees will will be able to 

  • discuss the LeSS philosophy and use it to differentiate LeSS from other Scaling frameworks
  • describe the basic LeSS framework
  • Apply queuing theory to product development
  • Apply basic elements of Lean thinking to product development

Target Audience

Anyone involved in Scaling Scrum

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