I have a team, a team in which we rose up to live out the true meaning of devops. I have a team which cared deeply about what and how they went about the business of delivering software. In the early days of Agile we were working to define what a cross functional team was - stating that testers, and others should be part of the team, there shouldn’t be a separate QA organization. Devops is a similar exercise in defining how and what teams need “operations wise” to succeed in delivering working, tested, safe software. So let me tell you a story of how this team of mine came to be, their practices over time and why I use this team to define the term devops as a practice not an absolute or a 'person'.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intros - who am I and what have I been doing

The team I worked with and for

Continuous delivery what is it

Continuous delivery and the pressure it provides

Operations and their role in Continuous delivery

The Devops practice that broke out

Devops isn't a person - no such thing as a "Devop"

The result - speed of delivery, accuracy and enablement, in short QUALITY

You can't really sell DevOps as a 'thing' as a result

Learning Outcome

A definition for Devops - Dev and Ops working together for outcomes

A guidepost for creating a devops organization/team

Target Audience

Those interested in learning how devops can be defined - what it takes to break out in an organization

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