Agile Within the Context of: Industry Standards, Management Frameworks, and Federal Laws/Guidance


What is happening to Agile? What’s the point of Agile? Are we headed down the “red tape” road? Or will we keep Agile’s simplicity it was born with?

What is happening to Agile? Over the past 14 years, it has become entrenched in commercial software development in its streamlined form – effecting fewer issues and quickening turn-around time. However, the Federal government is now adopting Agile; nearly eradicating Agile’s efficient form with complicated and unnecessary circulars, memoranda, rules, and publications.

Have we institutionalized agile? Some say it has lost the essence of its original principles. Others say it has matured. There are dozens of agile methodologies, certifications, and tool sets available now which were not around in 2001. But in the Federal environment, it is bogged down and complicated by numerous rules.

Are we heading toward heavy-duty bureaucracy? Can we keep Agile’s simplicity? Or will we be led down the path of complication – destroying Agile’s efficiency and effectiveness?

In this session, we will look at the origins, essence, and applicability of all this “guidance.” We will explore the difference between commercial and Federal sector use of agile. We may even peek at the future of agile.


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Outline/structure of the Session

Agile Trends (5 Minutes)

  • Commercial Trends
  • Federal Trends

Agile within the context of standards (5 Minutes)

  • CMMI
  • Six Sigma

Agile within the context of management frameworks (10 Minutes)

  • COSO
  • ITIL
  • PMI/Prince

Agile within the context of Federal Guidance (Past, Present, and Future) (20 Minutes)

  • Past –
    • Paperwork Elimination Act of XX,
    • OMB Circulars
    • NIST – FIPS
  • Present – 
    • DATA
    • FITARA
    • S. Digital Services Playbook, Released in August 2014
    • GAO Reports (GAO-12-68 and others)
    • OMB Guidance
  • Future –
    • Trends per DATA, FITARA, and OMB

Q & A (5 Minutes)

Learning Outcome

Gain an understanding of the forces affecting agile in the federal environment.

Target Audience

Managers and Executives

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