CONNECTING Rally, Jira, & TFS into ONE Agile Portfolio Rollup!

At Equifax we had the Tooling "Holy War" of Agile software and ultimately chose to preserve the right of our Agile teams to work the way that they preferred:

1. .NET folks insisted on TFS with the Visual Studio IDE integration.

2. Jira teams had learned the Greenhopper bolt-on to the bug tracker.

3. Rally users preferred the more natural alignment with Scaled Agile and business-friendly usability.

Software vendors were reluctant to support our strategy with their pricing models, but options were found. Our lightning story highlights the good, bad, and the ugly from going down this path with a surprising twist thrown in.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

This will be an expansion of the crowd-sourced selected Lightning Talk in Pecha Kucha format I gave at Agile2015, which was very well received.  I'll share the good, bad, and ugly of our experience at Equifax juggling multiple team level Agile tools and how that "saga" has evolved into a balance of corporate engineering delivery objectives with strong Agile "purist" mindsets.  We'll setup the discussion around how the advice of my original CSM & CSPO trainer from Lithespeed ultimately led to a surprise twist in our story later.

5 min - Opening discussion will address a key consideration before diving down into Process/Tools detail - that you must value People first and foremost in order to make the rest of it all work. 

10 min - I'll provide an overall view of 5 key ingredients that have been used in our Agile transformation efforts, with a short overview of each one before diving into ingredient #5, which is the Empowerment of allowing teams to choose the Agile team tool that they prefer.

10 min - Walk through of the connector engine solution deployed to rollup team level data at the right aggregate view for program, portfolio, and enterprise visibility.  This was a true "journey" over the past few years, as considerations with logistics and pricing caused unexpected adjustments.

10 min - Display and discussion of rollup reporting enabled by the connector strategy. 

5 min - Interactive demo (this may be spread back into the previous sections - TBD)

5 min - Q&A


Learning Outcome

* Participants will gain a real-world understanding of the challenges companies may face in attempting to connect strategy to execution via Agile tools.

* Participants will learn how my company balanced the Agile purist view for independence and self-management against corporate needs for transparency and strategic alignment across multiple groups that often used different Agile team tools.

* Participants will see how we mapped the data rollups and established the right technical solution set.

* Participants will observe what the connector solution enables for program, portfolio, and enterprise visibility.

Target Audience

Individuals who work in organizations where preserving the Agile mindset of self-management, including Agile team tool choice collides at times with enterprise alignment and visibility needs

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