Defining Continuous Quality: How to Deliver Better Apps Faster

After two bad experiences, users abandon an app. What's more, some 44% of mobile app defects are found by users. See the disconnect? Mobile apps are failing because organizations aren't adjusting their development processes for mobile and as a result continuous quality is often overlooked.

 Organizations that practice traditional development methods simply cannot succeed with mobile; their QA or Mobile Center of Excellence groups will end up working in a disconnected manner using very different tools than their developers. The answer to releasing better apps, faster, comes with a change in development practices, called Continuous Quality.

Continuous Quality is a methodology for embedding quality activities into every step of the development process, from design through build, to production. With mobile testing, development teams need fast and actionable feedback from real devices on both the functional aspects of their app as well as for performance, usability and security. Embedding all of these quality aspects into each build and delivering constant feedback to the development team gives them early insights into bugs. This is the core value of continuous quality.

 A successful continuous quality process manages risk in an automated way as early as possible to speed up time-to-market, drive more frequent releases and minimize the amount defects that escape into production.


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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Discussion on why Continuous Quality matters and how it benefits today's Dev/Test teams
  2. How to implement a Continuous Quality process to achieve higher quality apps with shorter release cycles
  3. Discuss the necessary components to achieve Continuous Quality – a cloud-based lab, automated testing on real devices, monitoring of apps in production.

Learning Outcome

In this session, the audience will learn:

 What Continuous Quality really looks like in practice, what resources are needed to achieve it, and how dev and test teams can use it to deliver better apps with shorter release cycles.


Target Audience

Developers, QA and CoE professionals, DevOps teams

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