Myth Busted: Agile in Training design and development!!!

Overview of the session
Product training is an essential element  of  product organizations in order to equip customers with necessary skills to use the product after it is purchased by them. From an organization perspective, product related training is also needed to ensure that necessary product related skills are available in the ecosystem to  deploy and customize products as per specific  customer requirements.
 With most of the product development going the Devops way, it is the need of the day to change the existing training development mechanism in order to keep up the pace at which feature enhancements or new product releases are done in the Devops model. In this session, we are planning to present a case study of Scrum implementation in the training and development domain.  The radical change in approach which is required in the design of training is also discussed  in this session.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Outline/Structure of the session
Introduction (5 min)
Scrum in Training Development (15)
 Real Life Case Study of Scrum in Training development (20)
Summary (5)

Learning Outcome

Learning outcome
·    Understand Scrum user roles and artifacts in training development
·    Approach to design training using scrum
·    Techniques to perform project management in training  &development domain using  Scrum
·    Understand the benefits of applying scrum in training development projects

Target Audience

Product managers, education portfolio managers, product architects, and all types of role who are involved in the training and development domain

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