Applying Lean and Agile Principles to Government and Contracted Environments With SAFe

Our existing supplier and subcontracts model is broken.  Solutions whose implementation spans multiple organizations struggle to quickly and reliably deliver value.  The existing model does not provide the necessary alignment and coordination across suppliers.  Further, the suppliers struggle to implement any cost and delivery efficiencies.  While many customers may desire common or related features, the existing contracting models prohibit sharing and collaboration.  Value stream thinking, coupled with agile principles of cadence and synchronization, provide a much better delivery vehicle that address these challenges.

This talk discusses the struggles of value delivery in a contracted environment and describes a value stream approach to resolving them.  It shows examples of success stories from industry in large, complex systems.  The examples include where and how to define value streams, how to fund value streams, and where product line practices can be leveraged to improve cost and schedule across multiple customers and programs.  Finally, this talk shows how the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Systems Engineering (SAFe LSE) provides an implementation model that allows organizations to deliver solutions faster and more reliably.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation will be a traditional talk with planned discussion points on how the current contract structure impacts value stream delivery.

Learning Outcome

Participants will

  • Know how current the current contracts and program model negatively effects value deliver
  • Be able to apply lean and agile principles to large, multi-organization programs
  • Understand how the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Systems Engineering (SAFe LSE) provides a cross-organization model for value streams.

Target Audience

Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Supply Chain, Contracts, Agile Practitioners

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