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    Agile Governance for Agile Adults – Grow up and give the Enterprise Real not Relative Data

    Tony Timbol
    Tony Timbol
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    Agile cost money just like waterfall does. Your software labor costs will be all internal (no vendors), all external (only vendors) or a mix. Paying for software labor by the billable hour means no connection to delivered business value and if vendors are using fixed pricing methods, hidden premiums may unnecessarily inflate your costs.

     This 45 minute interactive discussion includes how two organizations focus on quantitative sizing analytics and estimation best practices and how their Enterprise Managers today manage & reduce costs, improve predictable delivery and quantify business value. These Enterprises are investing tens of millions of dollars in Agile implementations at scale and need non-relative (normalized) data that is meaningful instead of relative aggregation of team level measures. Learn how they are adopting program and portfolio level measures and metrics to have real conversation about business value delivered.


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