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    Business Agility - Being the Bigger Dog in a Dog Eat Dog World (Even for a Chihuahua!)

    Jim Damato
    Jim Damato
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    Business is tough. If your market is any good, other companies want your revenue and market share. A lot comes your way that's beyond your control, so how do you stay competitive in a dog eat dog world? You strive for Business Agility.

    Business Agility is about being able to sense, create and respond to change, quickly and confidently. Every organization has the bravado to think they do, but few actually can. Think about these local companies who are:

    • At the top end of the market being threatened by a newer, faster rival.
    • Experiencing a market shift threatening half their revenue.
    • Subject to whims of powerful regulation. 
    • New in an emerging market and need to stay ahead of the major players. 

    Major change can come from all angles, whether from competitors, regulators or market shifts. Companies need to be able to execute not just at the execution level, not just as the portfolio level, but at the business level, so they can handle the change or better yet, BE the change.

    Business Agility isn't about how big you are, it's about survival of the fittest. Whether you are a small business or a publicly traded company, be the bigger dog.

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