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    Impact Mapping Workshop - Learn to deliver business impact, not just ship software

    John Hughes
    John Hughes
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    45 mins

    Impact mapping is a powerful practice that ensures we are delivering work that directly impacts our business goals and mission objectives.  Our roadmaps and backlogs are usually littered with pet projects, squeaky wheels, and recent ad hoc items that gain priority just because they are the latest shot across our bow.  With a tool such as impact mapping, we can stand firm knowing our real priorities, and fend off these common challengers.

    Impact maps visualize quantifiable benefit that deliverables should produce towards our business objectives.  They allow us to focus our work on those deliverables that move the needle the most, not just deliver features.  The practice is a great way to communicate assumptions, create plans, and align stakeholders as well as aid in strategic planning, roadmap management, and defining quality.  Happily, it is also significantly less bureaucratic and much easier to apply than many alternatives.

    This workshop will provide an appreciation for the power of Impact Mapping and walk you through building your own Impact Maps.  You will learn techniques for creating Impact Maps as well as facilitating an Impact Mapping session.  You will leave the workshop with a usable Impact Map of your current project, or other of your liking, that can bring immediate value to your road-mapping, backlog grooming, and software delivery.

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