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    The Executive's Guide to Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformation

    Mike Cottmeyer
    Mike Cottmeyer
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    45 mins

    A few years ago everyone wanted to know how to convince their executives to go agile. Today's executives are asking their teams how they'll get them there. While we have made significant progress changing the hearts and minds of senior leadership, executives have a fiduciary responsibility to the performance of their organizations. They demand a greater level of assurance that what you plan to do is actually going to work. Executives are sick and tired of being told to trust the team and that everything will be okay. Better than anyone, executives see the dysfunction in their organizations. They want line of sight to how agile is going to help them make things better. 

    This talk is going to explore a safe, pragmatic, and repeatable formula for leading change in large organizations. The Holy Grail for an executive is to tie dollars spent and activities performed, to internal improvement metrics and ultimately improved business performance.

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