• Kosala Nuwan Perera
    Kosala Nuwan Perera
    schedule 10 months ago
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    Experience Report

    Typical mistake many startups do is engineering idea before validating to learn whether it'd solve the problem. Obvious approach, also another mistake, is to run in a shorter sprints, demo, & get feedback till team realizes that features doesn’t seems delightful or satisfactory. Consequently, the app isn't often used by many as predicted once shipped. Speaking of learning, experimenting with a fake app to validate the idea is a cheaper, faster, a smarter strategy that's worth investing therefore.

    What's there to validate about your ideas? What are the cheaper, smarter, and faster ways to engage with users to decide what a good idea is and what a stupid idea is? Let's meet to learn some of the pragmatic ways to validate your ideas before putting everything to leap-of-faith.

    I had been introducing some of these tactics to many product teams, forums such as IIBA, Google Business Group events during last few years and now that entrepreneurship and startups has become one of the buzzwords, I am pleased to learn new methods that audience has to share.

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