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    Game of Thrones: Bureaucracy meets Agile

    Cindy Shelton
    Cindy Shelton
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    45 mins

    Max Weber and Michel Crozier both got it right when they described the ideal bureaucracy which is the number one impediment to Agile efficiency in the Federal government.   Perhaps a grand re-organization, accompanied by lots of "systems analysis," “customer participation," "cooperative federalism," and "interdepartmental coordination " might lead to something getting done.   Merely to state this prospect is to deny it.   There is not one bureaucracy problem, there are several and the solution to each is in some degree incompatible with the solution to every other.  There are inherent limits to what can be accomplished by large hierarchical organizations.  this though proving session faces the issue and suggests meaningful methods to approach bureaucracy as an impediment and address procedural stagnation, attitudinal fixtures, rule-bounded-ness with interventional strategies.   By understanding ecology of agile governance, strategies can be designed to evolve a system with procedural innovativeness, attitudinal mobility, rule flexibility and wider interest.   A very complicated subject, but one that shouldn't be ignored because it is hard to solve and can't be fully addressed in 45 minutes.

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