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    Restarting your agile transformation- An Agile Playbook

    Joel Bancroft-Connors
    Joel Bancroft-Connors
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    Frank Balogh
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    Has your agile transformation stalled? Are you treading water? Does it feel like your standups are just going through the motion?  Sounds like you need a Transformation bypass.

    Any agile transformation is a challenge and can stall if it doesn't get the right amount of attention. Maybe you had a consulting firm come in to lay out a roadmap. Only after they left the anti-bodies rushed back in. Or your tried to kick it off internally, to find yourself never getting off the ground despite executive support?

    This session provides a playbook for re-engaging (or engaging from the get go) an enterprise agile transformation. A week by week, play by play guide for enabling the change engine to get enough momentum to keep going despite the resistance.

    This playbook is based on what we are doing right now in the AOL Platform's division. From day one hitting the ground to when and how you roll out common training, to what you do next, and next and next.

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