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    Going Agile, But Are You Leaving Your Teams Behind?

    Ryan Jenkins
    Ryan Jenkins
    schedule 8 months ago
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    45 mins

    Building an Agile organization starts with great teams and a positive culture, but what really happens when your organization starts to transition its product delivery to Agile?  How much focus are you putting on building the culture, teams and growing communities inside the organization to drive real, lasting change?  Do you have a strategy to change the organization and build better teams & communities or do you prescriptively follow a framework and hope the culture change follows?

    In transforming the way you work, focus on things that will enable the long term, sustainable growth of Agile throughout the organization, and the larger the organization the stronger the underlying community needs to be.  This is a key difference between the organization "being Agile" vs. "doing Agile" and one piece of the cultural transition.

    In this talk we'll explore team building and community inside an organization.  We'll look at what helps to enable a high performing team, how to grow your organizational communities around the team to enable them for success, how to prime the organization for the team's value delivery and finally how to spread the knowledge & culture to drive organizational change.  


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