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    Leading with Purpose

    Sanjiv Augustine
    Sanjiv Augustine
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    Today, knowledge workers are seeking to find meaning in our lives and purpose in our work. With this new generation of employees who are as interested in purpose as in profit, it is imperative that we revisit management schemes like top down work assignment, the annual review, strict “clock punching” work hours and inflexible vacation policies; and recognize their negative effects on individual morale and team productivity.

    As leaders, it is time to recognize and own our responsibility in these counter productive techniques and boldly move into the future with radical alternatives. Now, with organizations as diverse as Virgin, LinkedIn, The Motley Fool, and Zappos applying Frederic Laloux’s “Teal” system to revolutionize management, it is time for us to undergo personal transformations and to lead as well as we manage.

    Join Sanjiv to learn how to create the space for a “results only” workplace with a flatter organization structure, work anywhere flexibility, participatory profit sharing, and delegated hiring and firing. Explore the leadership journey needed, with its fears, challenges and tribulations; as well as its joys, triumphs and unassailable business results.

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