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    “One mission One Team” – Fostering Collaboration in Complex Federal Environments

    Beth Hatter
    Beth Hatter
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    45 mins

    In the Federal space, it is often a mix of government staff, multiple contractors and subcontractors making up an Agile projects and teams. While collaboration is a key pillar of an Agile mindset, it can be a challenge to build a collaborative environment in such a multi-entity environment. This talk will cover several case studies and will present:

    • How we successfully trained many teams of blended entities through a robust learning roadmap that covered everyone regardless of employer
    • How we worked to establish a ‘one team’ mindset through team building workshops and collaboration exercises
    • How we worked to establish cross functional collaborative teams, team norms, etc in a multi-contractor environment.
    • Successes, failures and lessons learned
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