• Michael Peter
    Michael Peter
    schedule 9 months ago
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    45 mins

    Agile methods help to build a repeatable and reliable pipeline of working code to production. Unfortunately, complex enterprises, including the US government, consider agile the solution to finding and solving all their copious and complex problem. In this space, agile alone is not enough. Reliable enterprise problem-finding and solution-creation techniques aren't yet embedded in the agile toolkit, but nonetheless that's the toolkit brought to bear on critical, complex organization-spanning issues. Typical problem/solution methods can create a local optimization (look at this great thing the team delivered!) but create a global failure (the team didn't consider the other systems and teams involved in the process, and broke them). This is the norm, not the exception, and why large project solutions are typically "meh", not "wow". Given agile is now the de facto approach, now is the time to focus on being exceptional.

    In this talk, we'll cover three years of the fight to achieve agile success on a critical project at the Department of Veterans Affairs: the struggle to enable an agile environment and the realization of what agile at scale REALLY means; the tactical and strategic efforts to identify the fundamental, success-blocking problems of the enterprise, and how to solve them; and what it takes, from discovery, analysis/design, code/test, and release to production, to deliver actual value, and not just "working code."

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