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    Lisa Schlecht
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    45 mins

    Does any of this sound like you?

    • You’re a changemaker working on a complex problem either as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. You have some resources for making change but will need to work with partners, policymakers, or others to scale your impact.
    • You’re a product manager, business analyst, designer, architect, or systems engineer in a large organization.
    • You’re working on a difficult problem which will need to be solved in phases over months or years.
    • You’re managing a portfolio of work that spans multiple time phases or teams.

    Are you running into any of these problems?

    • The product design cycle is taking too long.
    • You’re delivering value but getting a lackluster response from customers and stakeholders.
    • You have great ideas and the customer likes them, but there's no roadmap to get them into production.
    • You have multiple stakeholders, none of whom are on the same page.
    • You don’t have one single, completely informed decision maker who can make the final call.
    • You’re having difficulties reconciling modern experiences with legacy systems and business processes.
    • You have “wicked problems” to tackle but your organization is ignoring them in favor of low-hanging fruit. And you’re starting to run out of low-hanging fruit.
    • You’re having difficulty helping other people focus on anything beyond the latest fire.

    If any of that resonated with you, an Enterprise Design Sprint might be exactly what you’re looking for. Combining elements from agile, design thinking, enterprise architecture, and systems engineering, Enterprise Design Sprints will help you make sure that you're delivering value over the long term. This talk will cover the theory and mechanics behind planning and running your own sprint, with examples from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

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    Federal Agile Transitions: Lessons in Endurance from the Front Line

    45 mins
    Achieving greater agility is a goal among many federal agencies. While many federal CIOs may institute agile practices from the top down, others may promote self-organizing teams that bring about change from the bottom up. These approaches represent ends of a spectrum, any point on which agile transformation require focus on enabling team empowerment.
    In the federal workspace, governance and oversight vary greatly from one agency or office to another. As such, federal leaders should seek to implement strategies that will navigate typical organizational roadblocks to agile adoption, such as a forced separation of duties, vertical authority structures, and misaligned incentives. Macro Solutions uses a tailored approach to identify organizational impediments, develop successful agile implementation strategies, and enable project teams in each unique organization.
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