• Camille Bell
    Camille Bell
    schedule 8 months ago
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    45 mins

    You're a Certified Scrum Master. Perhaps you are an Agile Manger, Agile Coach or Facilitator.

    Maybe you are newly minted or maybe you've been doing it a while, but either way you've noticed that not everything seems to work according the way the training or certification class implied it should.

    In this session, Camille Bell will explore what you weren't told in training, but need to know. Such as:

    • What assumptions Scrum makes that may not apply to your company or organization
    • Why some types of teams should not use Scrum and what they should use instead
    • How soon Scrum of Scrum stops scaling and what to use when it doesn't scale
    • Why some teams don't improve despite holding retrospectives
    • How to recognize the hockey stick burn down and what to do about it
    • What's a WIP limit and when it can be helpful
    • When estimation most helpful, when it's a complete waste and what to do instead
    • Why simple prioritization of a Product Backlog won't generate a Minimal Viable Product
    • Why the As a.., I want.. So that.. user story isn't enough and what you need to add
    • What are the critical missing practices your development team needs


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